I don’t like to write about Fox News anymore because, we get it. We know what they’re about, we know they’re the conservative news network. But, I today saw a video that got me so fired up that I had to rant about it. Here is the video:

You have to read the comments too. These dummies, have the audacity to call into question someone’s intelligence, without even realizing how purely stupid they are. They are using the success of NASA and the American Space Program as proof that socialism doesn’t work. NASA IS A FEDERALLY FUNDED PROGRAM. NASA IS A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. NASA IS A SOCIALIST PROGRAM. Also, the kid obviously meant “No, but did any other country… besides us?” And I’m sure if the video didn’t cut out the second after the “reporter’s” “sick comeback” it would show the kid knew America landed on the Moon.

The comments on this video are my favorite part. The confidence of people who don’t know basic things is astounding. Some of my favorites:

Yes, the kids supporting Sanders have an IQ that is equal to a water crisis, that will cause damages to a generation of people. A crisis that was caused by the criminal negligence of a Republican Governor and his policies of deregulation that allowed them to poison the water.


Well, none of us would need or want a government check if we were able to get a “small loan of a million dollars” from our parents when we wanted to start a business. Trump sure as heck is a self-made man.

Hitler was definitely liberal. For sure. Every book I’ve ever read about Hitler starts with, “Although everyone knows Hitler was a liberal, his record of 100% fascism seems to contradict that.”

Any who! Fox News is bullshit and this video is bullshit.


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