Potter-heads rejoice! JK Rowling has a lot of surprises coming your way just in time for the holiday season! It was announced last week that Rowling plans to re-release the entire Harry Potter book series with NEW covers. One unique cover for each of the Houses of Hogwarts . Potter fans have lined up at books stores nationwide to get their hands on the new books.

“This will be the 37th time I’ve purchased the entire series, Maggie Stein told The National Something .

I understand that the words on each page are exactly the same as the other 7 other complete book sets I own, but these covers are out of this world. Also, my name is Harry, so I kind of have a deeper connection to the stories than these other muggles,” Harry Ford told us from the front of the line.

But, if you think the new covers are something to get excited about, Rowling has announced she has more fun filled releases in the near future:

November 10 – The entire series will be re-re-released with new covers picturing Rowling’s bank statement.

December 5- The entire series will be re-re-re-released with the text IN REVERSE! Imagine that! Reading your favorite stories from end to beginning! It adds a whole new twist to the Potter universe.

December 15 – The entire series will be re-re-re-re-released with brand new covers that allow YOU to color them in however you wish. THAT’S NOT ALL! All of the pages will be blank! So you can personally write in the entire text of each book from memory!

December 24 – A Christmas Eve re-re-re-re-re-release of the series will feature the center of the book cut out containing a gun. So you can kill yourself after you realize you’ve spent $16,000 on the same book.

Harry Potter fandom isn’t going anywhere and Rowling and Co. know exactly what the readers want.

When reached for comment Rowling said, “sure, I COULD write another book. But that is like so much work. I’ll just keep offering up new versions of the same thing.” I’m with you there, girl. I haven’t even written one book.

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