First, I should state that I do not intend to address any of the views or positions that “ The Donald ” has been trumpeting (pun intended); nor do I intend to impugn the motives or political literacy of those who support him. Instead, I am offering my own perspective on how I believe Mr. Trump’s campaign will fare in the months ahead.

In national politics it is common for a multiplicity of presidential candidates from a particular party to enter the race, consolidate their respective bases of support, and prevent the emergence of a much stronger candidate who might pose a direct and viable challenge to the early frontrunner. These are known as flanking tactics, and this is undoubtedly the purpose served by the candidacies of Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, George Pataki, Carly Fiorina , among others. Taking their cues at various points during the campaign or at the national convention, each candidate would throw his or her support to the frontrunner in return for—say, a promise of a Cabinet position or some other political benefaction. In the case of the 2016 Republican Presidential contest, the intended beneficiary of such political gamesmanship is, of course, Jeb Bush .

Obviously, Trump’s candidacy should NOT be viewed in this manner, as his campaign is clearly not part of any coordinated flanking gimmick. Trump is now the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, not because he has received the imprimatur of the Republican Party hierarchy or the US ruling class—the latter being indispensible to gaining the nomination of either major party—but because of the seductive populist appeal he makes to disaffected constituencies within of the American working class. This of course, is a serious problem for the entire American political establishment. Stated crudely, Trump is shaking things up, or upsetting the applecart.

Whether Trump’s candidacy is driven solely by his famous or infamous ego, or whether more insidious political forces are driving his political ambitions, is not yet clear. But, it would be helpful to research some of Trump’s affiliations within the national security establishment and what interests they share in common within the banking industry. Is Trump connected in any way with the putschist cabal led by John Allen and David Petraeus ? If so, is a color revolution or an American Liberty League style coup d’etat in our future? Will subversive elements within the national security state use Trump’s beguiling charisma to seize power and dispense with our civil liberties?

On the other hand, if Trump has undertaken his presidential venture entirely of his own volition, one would certainly expect his popularity to flag before the presidential primaries begin. Most political observers would be hard-pressed to recall a single instance in which the momentum of any non-incumbent endured for over a year. Still, in the highly unlikely scenario that team Trump survives a year’s worth of political tribulation and remain in serious contention, a certain Jeb Bush might be among his remaining political rivals. Given the Bush Family’s (and the Clintons ’) intimate ties to the CIA and other dark forces of the American state apparatus, Trump’s political crusade—whether as a Republican or an independent—could be extinguished with a single phone call. One remembers the staggered and intermittent campaigns of H. Ross Perot , who in 1992 and 1996 became an irksome encumbrance to the political establishment. It is widely believed that some inauspicious fate awaited Perot if he continued on his initial trajectory. Perhaps similar admonitions have already been communicated to Trump.

In any case, only in the circumstance of Trump being agent of a Petraeus led scheme, would he be likely to lead our nation, and then only as a figurehead.

Stay tuned…..

2 thoughts on “ Donald Trump’s Candidacy: Where Is It Going? When and How Will It End? – Joseph Diaferia

  1. Keep writing, Joe!

    This is Paul Hopkins (RVCC student) commenting via my WordPress account login.

    I always enjoy your stimulating and inquisitive words, as they promote further inquiry which is really the goal of any educator or layperson interested in genuine intellectual inquiry. Many times I am left with more questions than answers, which is also a good thing as I am encouraged to commit to further research on the issues raised. Trump is certainly a wild card, that much is true. Whomever is behind the scenes is of real interest as I have yet to make any connections myself.



  2. J. Diaferia says:

    Thank you, Paul!

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