In the wise words of Shakespeare , “let me count thy ways. ” Being in the medical profession I have an automatic admiration and respect for anyone who can understand and fix the brain, let’s be honest, most of us could use a little brain fixing, yes? Anyway, that is not one of the reasons why I love, Dr. Ben Carson .

Before I begin let’s start with a little introduction to Ben Carson. Dr. Ben shot to national recognition after the first Republican debate of the season. He was named by CNN and Time Magazine to be one of the Nation’s top 20 physicians and scientists. He’s an author, a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and was awarded a full scholarship to West Point ; although he attended Yale for medical school. I have been following Dr. Carson for years now, and fell in love with his common sense solutions to our countries problems. Although he was not given much time during the GOP debate to state his solutions, the quiet mannered doctor struck a chord with the American people. According to the Washington Post, Dr. Carson went up 71% in the polls making him the winner of GOP debate.

The first reason I love Dr. Ben is he is a fearless Christian . In a country where being a Christian is frowned upon and speaking the name of Allah is more accepted than speaking the name Jesus ; he is fearless in his faith and I absolutely adore him for that! We were founded on these beliefs, that we all have equal and unalienable rights from our Creator . We have freedoms in this country to worship whatever or whoever we want. We cannot lose that. It is the foundation of what makes America great.

Secondly, I love Dr. Ben for his stance on building our nation’s military. We are facing an incredibly dangerous enemy, ISIS , who wants nothing more than to see all Americans and our culture wiped off the map. When facing such an enemy, America cannot afford to downgrade her military. I agree with Ben when he said we need to go overseas to defeat ISIS. We need to defeat them where they are before they fully make their way to America.

Thirdly, Dr. Ben holds my heart because of his stance on tax reform! 10% tax, or proportional taxing, is the way to get America back up and running. Dr. Carson wrote on his Facebook page last night, “Give the people the opportunity to get the skill set they need to join the economy.” With so many people not paying income tax it is draining those who do. We need get people back to work, so America can get back to being the badass we all know she can be!

Fourth, but most definitely not last; because I could literally go on for days on why I will be voting for this man, I love Dr. Ben for his stance on vaccines. Yup, that’s right, vaccines! Government mandated vaccines go against every freedom we have as Americans. Making parents vaccinate their immunocompromised children and forcing parents to vaccinate against their religious beliefs is wrong in every way. The government should not have a say on how we parent our children! If a woman has the right to her body to abort her baby, she sure as hell as the right to raise her child the way she sees fit.

I am excited to see in the times ahead the growth of his campaign. I urge you all to look him up and listen to his interviews, so you too can see his abilities, along with experiencing the greatness of his no nonsense reforms!

Till next time.

Stay yourself,

Megan T.





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