Alright, people I need your help. I’ve been seeing friends reach out and use social media to try to do things recently. Notably, Pat Janssen , working to get a PA announcer job with the Nebraska Huskers , which you can help by going on Twitter and tweeting @Huskers and let them know that @thepatjanssen would be great for the job. Also, my man Dennis Holden of Dennis Has A Podcast , is trying to get an interview with Tony Danza , which you can also help with by going on Twitter and tweeting @TonyDanza and letting him know he should go on @DHAPShow … But now to me…

I’m trying to get interviews with politicians, well mainly Lincoln Chafee . Former Governor from Rhode Island , I’ve reached out to him many times already and been completely ignored. I thought this would be an easy task and was shocked that he isn’t returning my emails, after I saw he’s only getting one retweet on Twitter.


Chafee’s campaign got off to a slow start, after he announced his big platform was to bring the Metric system to the US . Which I don’t blame him for, he should fire whatever campaign manager he had who told him that was a good idea; but still:

Now, honestly he makes a good point, why aren’t we Metric? But, also Chafe it’s too late to switch, I can’t do math as it is, I’m not about to learn a whole new system of math. So you just lost every ounce of my vote. I want to interview Chafee to see what else he has to offer though, and see if he has some legitimate points. So I need you, my legions of fans to tweet @LincolnChafee and ask him to be interviewed on @TheNationalSome

Thank you all. God bless me and God bless the United States of America.

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