Just wanted to do a quick update on some political news. First, Donald Trump is still super hilarious. Trump recently gave out one of his Republican competitors, Lindsey Graham’s personal phone number, because, well, Donald Trump is amazing, that’s why. Then this morning I was reading an article in The New Yorker that stated even though Trump claims his net worth is ten billion dollars, Forbes only puts it at four billion dollars. To make up the difference Trump just claimed his name alone is worth three billion. That’s really funny because it’s classic Trump AND the math is incorrect. Trump marches on.

Then today on Salon.com there is an article that states Jeb Bush said the GOP should be the party of science. He even acknowledged climate change is real and humans have contributed to it, which is a bold statement from a Republican; especially one who is blowing the Koch brothers to get those coveted Koch dollars. I believe overall it’s meaningless and he doesn’t believe it, he’s just grasping at straws to sound like he’s normal in a Republican field full of (what are they up to 45?) candidates who are lunatics.

Lastly, today the Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood as a response to two poorly edited “ gotcha ” videos that have all but been proven to be bullshit. If they were real, then profiting off of baby parts is disgusting and should be stopped, but the videos aren’t legit. What annoys me about this the most is it shows that our government is capable of immediate action to do stop something that is awful and that is harmful to our society, but they never do it. All it took to get an immediate vote to defund an organization that provides, STD testing, contraception, and healthcare services to women (about 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are for abortions) is two poorly edited videos by an extremist anti-abortion group. Yet, when essentially every scientist is telling us that climate change is going to make the earth unrecognizable in about 50 years, nothing happens. When an ex- NASA scientist tells us the oceans are rising much faster than originally thought, and claims that within 50 years all coastal cities in the world will be uninhabitable, nothing.

They shove facts, figures, charts, and years of research into the GOP’s face about the climate and all they can say is, “I’m not scientist but that research is baloney! ” It’s not shocking, because money is more important than facts to most politicians; but it seems that the GOP is consistently on the wrong side of all issues in the name of money. Give me one example of the last time Republicans were right about something and I’ll give you the $25 I have in my savings account. And don’t give me slavery; I mean post 1970 politics, if you have to reach back to 1864 to show that your party is really just misunderstood then you have nothing. The Democrats , while no saints, seem to at least want to do SOMETHING. Obama just unveiled a new plan to require states to reduce carbon emissions and made a deal with China last year to reduce their emissions.

To sum up, Donald Trump is the still man.

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