Celebrities, am I right? We love them, we hate them, and we judge their looks. Most celebrities tend to take care of themselves and actually care about looking good for us. But some celebrities just let themselves go and turn into vile, disgusting creatures who shouldn’t even step foot in the light of day! Here at The National Something we take pride in exposing gross celebrities; so here is our list of some pigs who should have taken care of themselves better.

First up we have Brendan Fraser . Probably the funniest man in show biz. But it looks like Brendan may have yukked it up one too many times because the only yuks we’re having now, is when we look at his old, fat, balding head. Gross.

Next up is Shakira . Now, while I definitely give her credit for losing that GROSS double chin… She did grow up to be 38. That’s like 2 years from 40. #BARF

Mel Gibson , he may hate the Jews , but it looks like he hates hair dye even more! Mel’s appearance dropped off worse than Braveheart’s head!

Lastly, we have Brad Pitt , a 90’s heart throb who used to make this reporter swoon! Now I’m not one to speculate but could it have been Brad’s DIVORCE and all those kids that aged him? And drugs probably?

There you have it, The National Something’s complete list of all the most worthless, piece of shit celebrity slobs to look at so you can feel better about yourself!

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