I have been sitting here trying to form my opinion on the Rachel Dolezal situation ever since it started. I’ve heard people all over the place, some comparing her to Caitlyn Jenner , some painting her as the anti-christ, some using her to try to discredit the NAACP , and very few supporting her. Three factors figured into my delayed opinion forming, the first is I’ve been making an effort to let stories develop instead of having an initial, emotional outburst like we all seem to have. The second is this is a complicated story and I don’t know enough to argue whether transracial is a real thing or not, and third I don’t really care. I don’t care. Trying to form an opinion to write, or to make fun of her, or to support her, it doesn’t matter. If she wants to live her life as a black woman, it doesn’t affect my life in anyway.  I should just point out before this goes any further that I’m not racist, I have three black friends. I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow (I’m a huge activist for the jaundice community) purple (isn’t it funny we always run out of normal colors after white and black when claiming we’re not racist).

But seriously… Who cares? Feel free to email at [email protected] or comment here or wherever you see it posted and tell me I’m wrong. People who are outraged seem to be mad about the fact that she lied to advance her career, she took a job away from a member of the black community and that is shitty. But does she deserve this level of hatred? Because, EVERYONE lies to advance their career. Simple lies such as, “I’m very enthusiastic about the restaurant industry, I love dealing with people,” or, “ I’m a hard worker, I hate sitting around with nothing to do. ” We all tell those lies. Then there are bigger lies like, “I’m actually black,” or, “I didn’t inhale,” that people use to get jobs. We all lie all day, everyday about everything. We lie so much when someone asks, “how you doing? ” we say, “ fine ” when in reality we’re chugging coffee, Xanax , smoking pot, drinking alcohol, coke, whatever just to get through the hours we need to be awake. Everyone’s life is a lie. Rachel just kind of reminds me of every white person who says, “I’m actually 13% Cherokee, ” no you’re not.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there are way bigger issues than someone lying to get a job. Who is to say she’s even lying? She could actually think she’s black, who knows? But, there are bigger things to worry about. I wish we took to task the people who lie to us everyday about things that are ruining our lives with the same energy and animosity that people seem to feel towards Rachel Dolezal. If we took this energy to the Koch brothers and every politician. Sure we’re like, “all politicians lie,” but when is the last time our outrage forced them to resign? We love to pick easy targets. We love getting a nobody fired. We love taking down a comic, or a TV show host, yet, when real lies are sending thousands to die in a war, or killing us slowly by destroying the environment, or taking women’s rights to their bodies away, we just kind of chill, or we talk about it and lose Facebook friends. We need to re-channel our energy into things that matter, into leaving the world a better place for the future of humanity. Or, we can keep freaking out about one meaningless person after the next, making them lose their job, while the world crumbles around us, and humanity then deserves to die in like 25 years.

3 thoughts on “ I Don’t Care About Rachel Dolezal

  1. She should have just been honest from the start. Like, I’m white but I identify as a black woman etc. She must have been pretty dumb to think she could hold such a high position and not have her family confront her.

    But yes, there are bigger liars and worse people we should be worrying about. Jeb Bush ring a bell, anyone?

  2. YES. Thank you. That last paragraph was spot-on, and something I’ve been thinking for years.

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