I saw a wonderful article in the Washington Post today that made me laugh out loud.

Apparently, most rich people think the poor in America have it easy. See? Hilarious right? I can’t blame them since they grew up rich their entire lives how would they know what being poor is like? That may sound presumptuous to you but a study done by Karl Alexander at Johns Hopkins University shows that what class you are born into in the US is overwhelming where you stay. You can read about that study here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/ed/2014/08/07/335285098/rich-kid-poor-kid-for-30-years-baltimore-study-tracked-who-gets-ahead . Since social mobility doesn’t really exist here, I feel it’s safe to assume these people were born rich.

Well, let me clear it up for you rich people, being poor is super terrible. It’s not easy. Trust me, I’ve been poor. I still am poor, but now I’m manageably poor. From 2008-2010 I was desperately poor. Like, can’t sleep at night, hair falling out, stomach burning, wanting to throw up because you can’t decide if you want to eat or pay rent poor. I was working at a job that wouldn’t hire full time employees so they didn’t have to pay benefits and my paychecks were gone before I got them. It was one of those chasing your dream jobs, which is why I stuck with it; but after two years of being that poor I had to quit my dream. Now I am back in school building up debt so I can hopefully get a job where I can eventually not be living paycheck to paycheck. The only reason I was able to work at this job for two years is because I am lucky enough to have parents who I could call and ask for money so I didn’t end up homeless. Most poor people don’t have parents they can call for a loan.

Being poor is not easy and we really need to stop judging the poor as lazy freeloaders. Of course, some of them are. Some poor people cheat the system just in the same way some Wall Street guys cheat the system. But, no one wants to talk about dismantling Wall Street.

None of this is to suggest that rich people have perfect, easy lives either. Absolutely a lot of them work very hard to maintain their status in life. But, like I showed earlier since social mobility in America is essentially a myth most of these rich people have been rich their entire lives. A lot of the wealth in this country is family wealth that just gets passed down from generation to generation. What I don’t get is a person born poor, in a shit neighborhood, without the educational opportunities that people with money have, remaining poor is a lazy bum. Yet, some trust fund baby is a hard working proof of the “American dream.” “The reason it’s called the American dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it,” to quote George Carlin.

Another thing that annoys me about people who are constantly bitching about welfare is they don’t support any solutions to help end people’s dependence on it. Obama did something amazing yesterday and announced a plan to offer free community college education to people who show they are willing to work for it. I mean education should be free, like it is basically everywhere else in the first world, but that’s besides the point. Offering free community college is a great start. This gives more people who could never afford higher education the opportunity to at least get an associate degree. It may not sound like much but an associate can move you from a minimum wage job making $15,000 a year, to a job where you can make between 40 and 50 thousand dollars a year. That is massive. That takes people off of welfare; which is what anti-welfare people want. These people become the hard working, tax paying Americans that everyone loves so much. Conservatives are against the program though.

The estimated cost of the program is around $15 billion a year, which is nothing considering we spend about $100 billion a year in corporate welfare. People who hate welfare also never get mad about corporate welfare; even though it costs the taxpayers double the amount of social welfare. People praise the “ job creators” like Wal-Mart . Even though Wal-Mart not only costs tax payers billions in government subsidies according to the bi-partisan group Americans for Tax Fairness, they also cost tax payers billions for their employees welfare. To be exact Wal-Mart receives $7.8 billion in government subsidies and their employees cost taxpayers an additional $6.2 billion. Their employees are mostly on welfare and food stamps because they get paid minimum wage by the way. But, when people see those numbers all they say is, “well get another job.” They say nothing about Wal-Mart robbing the taxpayers, while simultaneously avoiding paying billions in taxes. Praise the job creators!

Wake the fuck up people. They have us all sitting here screaming at each other about some family making a couple hundred dollars a week in welfare and food stamps, while major corporations are literally stealing BILLIONS AND BILLIONS from taxpayers. Let’s focus on the real problem. Also, rich people… if being poor is so easy and great, give me all your money and go be poor and live a cushy lifestyle.

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